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General information

HEGGEMANN stands for integrity and responsible action. Compliance with rules and laws is an essential part of our corporate responsibility. As a fair employer and business partner, we stand for responsible and unprejudiced cooperation. 

This is clearly defined in our Code of Conduct for employees and managers. It is the responsibility of each individual to comply with the applicable laws and internal rules. 

Therefore, in addition to the existing reporting channels for suspected cases via managers, the HR department or the works council, we have established an additional reporting system for relevant information. The whistleblower portal is available to all HEGGEMANN employees and other external bodies to report potentially unlawful behavior or improper business practices confidentially, anonymously if desired.

We prefer open communication on the reported facts and welcome it if you give us your name. We therefore respect your decision if you do not wish to give us your name at first. 

All reports will be treated in strict confidence.

Anyone who reports actual or suspected misconduct in good faith does not have to fear any negative consequences. However, deliberate false reports can lead to disciplinary or legal action.

The whistleblower portal is not intended to replace the regular reporting channels at HEGGEMANN, but to supplement them. Before submitting an anonymous report, please check whether it would also be possible to contact the other reporting offices listed directly and address the suspicion there in open contact.

Help us to uncover behavior that could damage our company financially or reputationally or cast doubt on our trustworthiness as a business partner!


Why should I file a report?

A positive, open and honest corporate culture includes compliance with legal, social and internal company rules.

You may be aware of harmful behavior or risks that endanger HEGGEMANN and its customers. By informing us, you will help to uncover damage to finances, image and quality at an early stage and thus ensure the sustainable success of the company and the continued existence of our jobs!

Which reports help HEGGEMANN?

The whistleblower portal serves as a further reporting channel for criminal or unlawful conduct that is connected to the company or directly related to the employment relationship. It also serves as a reporting channel for suspected human rights violations and serves as a security reporting system in our own business area or in our supply chain. Reports on violations of legal regulations and the corresponding internal HEGGEMANN rules (such as the Code of Conduct) are recorded and forwarded.

You will receive detailed information on the possible focal points of a report during the reporting process.

Safety instructions

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, do not enter any personal data, e.g. your name or your relationship to the parties involved. Do not provide any data that could be used to identify you.
  • If possible, do not use a technical device (e.g. PC, laptop, smartphone) provided by your employer. An intranet connection in particular can jeopardize your anonymity.
  • Enter the link to the whistleblowing system directly in the address bar of your browser and, if necessary, set a bookmark to call up the system again later (e.g. logging in to the mailbox).
  • Make sure you have a secure Internet connection, indicated by the lock symbol next to the address bar.
Legal reference

DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937
REGULATION (EU) Nr. 376/2014

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