August 14, 2019

Participants of the project competition "Tug-Bauprojekt" of the Ruhr-University Bochum visit HEGGEMANN

2019 08 14 Img 2427 640X
2019 08 14 Img 2427 640X

In the "Tug-Bauprojekt" project competition, students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering presented their project work to a selected jury, including Robert Heggemann, on 9 July.

The project task was combined with a tour of the company HEGGEMANN in Büren, which manufactures parts for the aviation industry, and an excursion to Hangar II at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport. They talked in English about helicopters, airplanes and construction.

Dirk Sadlowski, Managing Director of PS Automobile and owner of Hangar II, showed the students his historic flying machines in the hangar when he spontaneously came up with an excellent idea for an interesting project:

"I made a helicopter licence and bought the light helicopter you can see standing on his runners in the corner.

So far I have transported him out of this hangar with a so-called "trolley". This way to bring the helicopter out of the hangar is unsatisfactory for me. I would really like to see a new helicopter tow tractor, one with a functional design, which shouldn't cost more than 5000 Euro in production.

Would it be possible to make this wish your project task? Could you imagine to develop such a tractor?"

And if the course participants could imagine that! The first ideas were exchanged immediately, the participants were able to check what "tugs" already exist on the market and Dirk Sadlowski was bombarded with questions about the exact requirements.

Hardly back at the university the course participants formed three groups and threw themselves with enthusiasm and full commitment for the next months into their respective project development.

The seminar room, where the three groups finally present their project results to the jury, is full of tension. Highly motivated, they present their work, each of which is excellently elaborated and presented in excellent English. All results are on a very high level.

The jury ultimately decides on Group 3 as the winner of the project competition. Robert Heggemann is impressed by all the competition groups and therefore invites all participants to a barbecue at Hangar II at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport, where the surprise prize for the winning group will be presented.

Christian Hülsheger from Department 26 Air Traffic - Airport Supervision of the District Government of Münster is immediately infected by the general enthusiasm. He is a glider pilot himself and in the possession of an old Klemm; spontaneously he awards a flight with a historic glider at Borkenberge Airport to the winning group.

Source and photos: Ruhr Uni Bochum (RUB )

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Jury of the "Tug-Bauprojekt" project competition
Jury of the "Tug-Bauprojekt" project competition; Source: RUB

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